FUJcast 11 :: J’s Beefs

Its A Beef

What bugs J? What really grinds J’s gears? What are J’s BEEFS?! Find out on this episode of FUJcast, as Mike and Paul explore the crankier side of J. Get ready for the fabulous new game show that’s sweeping the nation- “It’s a Beef!”.


Podcast on the Edge of Forever – Episode 5 – Into Darkness Review!

After about 160 Earth years of waiting, Star Trek Into Darkness has finally arrived in theaters, and the Podcast gang was there on opening night to take it all in. Listen to this episode for analysis of the second offering from J.J. Abrams and crew, and whether or not the mission was a success.

Into Darkness seems to be dividing audiences, the internet, and die-hard Trekkies much more than its predecessor, so if you have something to say about it, be sure to leave a comment down below. Live long and podcast!


FUJcast 10 :: J’s House

Google street view captures the crime scene. (Click)

Oh boy.

In our quest to learn more about our friend J, we at FUJcast have a tendency to push the envelope. We wanted to check out J’s home, so we enlisted the help of Chris Hutson, a guy who has known J since the early 1890’s.

We hopped a train to Aurora and met up with Chris so he could give us a tour. But as you’ll soon find out, things were not what they initially seemed, and the evening did not go exactly as planned. Listen and find out what happened at J’s house on this exciting “on the road” edition of FUJcast.


Podcast on the Edge of Forever – Episode 4

Hello again, Trekkers! Welcome to another episode of Podcast on the Edge of Forever. On this installment, Dawn and Paul are once again joined by their pal Matt, who Paul decides is now the “Kramer” of the group.

This episode’s topics include: A brief discussion of the upcoming film ” Star Trek Into Darkness”, sexism and progress on The Original Series, and a very serious debate- Which Enterprise is your favorite and why?

For the Enterprise debate, we’ve included a handy follow-along guide, featuring pics of every Enterprise ship, as well as a video featuring all of them. Have a listen, have a look and then tell us- What’s YOUR favorite Enterprise? Leave a comment down below!


NX-01 (Click to make bigger!)




NCC-1701 A


NCC-1701 B


NCC-1701 C


NCC-1701 D


NCC-1701 E


NCC-1701 J


NCC-1701 (Alternate timeline)

FUJcast 09 :: The Dimension Zero Controversy

It’s a special episode of FUJcast, one that took us a little longer to put together than usual. This episode is all about the history of J and Paul’s heavy metal band, Dimension Zero, and the controversial decision Paul made back in 1998 that has had long lasting effects. Shit is about to get real, so brace yourselves.

Since this episode is also a little longer (let’s call it our FUJcast double album), we’ve got some visual aides for your eyeballs. We also posted four songs from Dimension Zero’s only album, The Millennium Core, for your listening enjoyment.

So take a trip back with us to the 90’s and relive the genesis of how we, and therefore you, came to know one Jason I. Huls.


Tape cover for The Millennium Core


J in his bathroom, circa 1998.