FUJ Podcast 02 :: Rum Runner

In this installment of the FUJcast, Mike and Paul discuss J’s favorite drink, rum. Hear the inside scoop on J’s wedding, Paul’s addiction, and a few other things I can’t think of at the moment.


As a special bonus, here is the video Paul mentioned he accidentally played during J’s wedding.

FUJ Podcast 01 :: The Drone Soundtrack

In this exciting maiden voyage of the FUJ Podcast Mike and Paul write and record the soundtrack for an upcoming short film called The Drone.
This is a rough cut of the soundtrack so obviously various things will be edited out for the final film.


Gray Matter Episode 1: How to Keep Your Job

Listen, learn, laugh and love as J and Mike contemplate surviving the zombie apocalypse as it happens during work hours at their unnamed sub shop in an unnamed Chicago suburb. ┬áIn the zombie apocalypse, first you get the knives, then you get the food, then you jerk off…a lot.

Gray Matter #01