19 – Tingle on my Dingle with Stils

This week’s guest is a legend. Stils himself is my guest and we get into what it was growing up and even take a Squirt Line call from our Dad.
We try out some Ketchapeño and get real serious about…nothing.
Also, we’re brothers and we get down & dirty.
Let’s Catsup!

Don’t forget to call in to the Squirt Line 419-7-SQUIRT.


08 – A Vish Called Ketchup

Folks, things are just so happy and wonderful in the ketchup-verse! Our guest this week is the wonderful and jovial Vishnu! We talk about Funky Bunch gossip and take some calls from the Squirt Line.
Biff’s Ketchup is this week’s bounty. Catsup with us and see how we feel about it.
Don’t forget to call in to the Squirt Line 419-7-SQUIRT.


Podcast on the Edge of Forever – Episode 2

Greetings, Trekkers! Welcome to another edition of our nerd-tastic Star Trek podcast! Matt Porubcansky is our special guest on Episode 2. He is a nerd just like us, so we sat down to chat about the Blu-Ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Matt and Dawn attended a special screening and got to see Picard’s nose hairs in glorious HD.

In the second half of the show, Paul asks the age old question- What’s your favorite TNG episode? Like… of all time, EVER. The group comes up with some delightful answers. Posted below are clips from everyone’s selections. PLUS, we have video from Dawn’s belly dancing show, Raks Geek, which has gone mega-viral over the last few weeks, appearing on G4, MTV and MSN, to name a few. Don’t miss it.


Matt’s pick:

Dawn’s pick:

Paul’s pick:

Klingons and a Belly dancing Wookie!