46 – Tracy Discovery

Listen up, Ketch-Heads, Squirters, Bottle Babies, Kitchen Kittens, and SPOONERS! Tracertron, of Geeky Discovery, is back and we have some serious ketchup chat for you to choke down. Plus, a caller calls in to give an EXTENSIVE breakdown of where on Deep Space 9 one might find ketchup.
Listen in and Catsup!

Don’t forget to call in to the Squirt Line 419-7-SQUIRT.

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Ketchup Kitchen Catchups
Ketchup Kitchen Catchups
46 - Tracy Discovery

Podcast on the Edge of Forever – Episode 2

Greetings, Trekkers! Welcome to another edition of our nerd-tastic Star Trek podcast! Matt Porubcansky is our special guest on Episode 2. He is a nerd just like us, so we sat down to chat about the Blu-Ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Matt and Dawn attended a special screening and got to see Picard’s nose hairs in glorious HD.

In the second half of the show, Paul asks the age old question- What’s your favorite TNG episode? Like… of all time, EVER. The group comes up with some delightful answers. Posted below are clips from everyone’s selections. PLUS, we have video from Dawn’s belly dancing show, Raks Geek, which has gone mega-viral over the last few weeks, appearing on G4, MTV and MSN, to name a few. Don’t miss it.


Matt’s pick:

Dawn’s pick:

Paul’s pick:

Klingons and a Belly dancing Wookie!

The History of “Qhat”









Following the lead of one Jason Huls and his recent article detailing the history of our old band, I’ve decided to jump on the nostalgia bandwagon to chat about a different chapter of our collective past- a little comic strip known as Qhat.

What? Qhat? Exactly. One day about nine years ago, while trying to type the word “what”, I accidentally created the word “qhat”. My roommate and I took a liking to this new expression, so I turned it into a weekly comic strip with the magical help of Microsoft Paint.

Qhat followed the wacky adventures of my friends and I, who were all low-level Starfleet officers serving aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. Captain Picard’s NCC-1701-D to be specific. It was kind of like a real crappy combination of Star Trek and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Perhaps The History of “Qhat” isn’t the best title for this article, since I really don’t remember why the hell I started making Qhat, what I planned on doing with Qhat, or why I even called it Qhat. No matter. I’ve hand picked some of my favorite episodes for your (possible) enjoyment. There’s probably some inside jokes, a good deal of crude humor, and a plethora of stupidity. That’s just how we roll in the 24th century.

Episode 15: Me and Jason Huls visit Doctor Rob Quinton, who is less than cooperative.

Episode 30: Jason tries out his new stand-up routine for patrons of the Holodeck.

Episode 37: The Quinton Brothers- Rob and Will- investigate Gale Murrin’s awesome “party”.