FUJcast 07 :: Living with J

It’s a loud ‘n rowdy edition of the FUJcast, as Mike and Paul hit a bar in Chicago, where they meet up with Gale and Maureen Murrin, two longtime friends of J. Tonight’s topic is living with J, a subject Gale knows very well.

A word of warning- Paul is drunk and talks too much on this episode. As an added bonus, check out the video below of everyone doing shots of Malort- a horrible, horrible liqueur made here in Chicago.



The Graveyard Podcast – Episode 4

The Graveyard Menace is now officially in production and it’s time for another episode of the podcast!

Paul sits down to chat with Evelyn Hartman, who plays Gam-Gam- a gun-toting, bad ass grandma. The discussion ranges from the process of shooting the film, to Evelyn’s dogs, Sassy and Misty, to her special relationship with Chase Cavalera.

As an added bonus, we’re giving you an exclusive first look at five production stills from The Graveyard Menace, as well as Evelyn’s famous work-out video. Leave your comments below and show your support for Gam-Gam!


Evelyn Hartman makes her acting debut as Gam Gam in "The Graveyard Menace".
Chuey (Antonio de la Cruz) lands himself in some hot water with the local police (Artemio Gonzalez and Thomas A. Jackson).
Sheena (Joanna Ortiz) takes a leisurely stroll with Frankie (Chase Cavalera).
Frankie and Sheena share a moment at the beach.

Napoleon's gang is up to no good. From left to right- Kenn Baker, Dave Block, Tim Delrose and Mark Madison.



The Graveyard Podcast – Episode 3

Welcome back to The Graveyard Podcast! On this episode, K.R. Brooks joins Paul Brooks to create a Brooks sandwich filled with creamy, Graveyard goodness. The cinematographer talks about his beginnings as a filmmaker, his reaction to reading the script for The Graveyard Menace, and nerds out with some technical camera talk.

Enjoy the final pre-production episode of the show. The Graveyard Menace goes into production in under two weeks!


Links talked about in this episode:






FUJcast 06 :: Writing

J’s friend (and maybe your friend too, if you’re lucky), Alyssa Johnson, is our guest on this addition of the FUJcast. She joins us to talk about the writing style of J, getting feedback from J, and writing at Culvers. We also develop three new movie ideas for J to write. You’re welcome, J.

Below is the teaser poster for one of these films, The Going. If you want to make a poster for Touching Memories or Stop! We Want Your Wieners: Chili Dong Wiener Boys, have at it.

Enjoy da show!


Podcast on the Edge of Forever – Episode 1

If you don’t understand the title, you’re probably not a Star Trek fan. If you ARE a Star Trek fan, you’ll probably want to check out the show! Paul Brooks and Dawn Xiana Moon are your hosts for a nerd-ariffic podcast about the vast universe of Star Trek.

On Episode 1, Paul and Dawn discuss a potential “Captain Worf” movie and talk about Dawn’s upcoming geeky belly dancing show, which features a Klingon band and much more. Click below to engage!


Raks Geek

Captain Worf Movie