Terror Tales: Scrambled Eggs

“Dad, I’m gonna have two eggs just scrambled.”


A man and his son sat in a diner. It was the weekend and he had custody. He enjoyed the time he was able to spend with his son. Even if it was a heart-wretching reminder of his collapsed marriage.

“Morning boys, are you ready to order?” a waitress asked as she approached the booth.

“I know what I want.” said the boy. He had blonde hair, and looked to be about 7 years old. He was actually 8 and his name was Alex. He had the biggest, most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen.

“What will you have then, Sweetie?”

“I want two eggs please. Just scrambled.”

“Oh my, two eggs?” the waitress asked, sounding facetiously concerned. “I’m afraid we don’t have any eggs in the kitchen.”

The boy frowned and his eyes grew even bigger as he looked up at the woman. “Okaaaaaay.”

“It’s alright Alex,” the boys Dad chimed in. “You like hashbrowns. You can get some hashbrowns.”

“I don’t really want hashbrowns today.”

The waitress looked down at the doe-eyed boy and then back at the cook behind the counter. The cook looked busy toasting and frying things, but he was paying close attention to the waitress and her table. He looked back at the waitress and gave a subtle nod.

“I’ll tell you what Sweetie,” she said as she leaned over toward Alex. “I think we might have some eggs down in the basement. Would you mind looking for me? I’m really busy right now.”

Alex got excited. He liked to help in the kitchen and this was a REAL kitchen. “Can I Dad?”

The father looked at the waitress. “Sure, why not?”

The waitress took Alex by the hand and walked him over to a door in the back of the diner. She opened it and let him walk in.

“Be careful Alex.” The Dad called. ”Don’t drop any of the eggs!”

“You’ll be fine.” The waitress whispered to Alex as she gently pushed him further through the door and closed it behind him. Locking it.

The father stood up.

“Did you just lock that door?!”

The waitress stood against the door, guarding it.

“Let him out. What’s in there?! LET HIM OUT!” The father yelled as he ran toward the waitress and the door.

“Stay back!” Hissed the waitress and she pulled out a crooked knife.

“Come any closer and I’ll send you to hell!”

Not losing a beat, he charged the waitress, pushed her passed the door and punched her square in the face. She went limp.

He unlatched the door and swung it up. His son was walking back up the stairs.


“Look Dad, eggs!” Alex said as he looked up at his father, presenting the two eggs he had found in the basement.

The father stood completely still, horrified. The eggs were covered in blood, and they weren’t eggs. They were the two biggest, most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen.

Alex collapsed on the stairs, blood oozing from the holes his eyes had once filled. The father knelt down and held his son. He screamed.


The door closed and everything became dark. Forever.

The Horror Dawns

The plumber stared into the soul of his beloved as the horror of her captivity began to fade away. The scent of singed hair wafted through the air as the hero leaned forward for his hero’s reward. However, with mustachioed lips moving slowly, slowly downward, the figure held so tightly began to tremble.

With a growing fear, the words he has heard six times before rose through the air. Tearfully, the faithful retainer, Toadstool, spoke. “Thank you, Mario, but our princess is in another castle.”