A Shitty Review

I rate this bathroom stall a nearly perfect 96/100.  The walls are close, providing a good amount of privacy, yet not too confining or claustrophobic.  The muted black color of the walls help the bowels flow, and the toilet is the right depth to achieve that perfect “plop” sound.

If I have to give one complaint, it is that the seat was too warm from the previous occupant.  Some users might find this too uncomfortable, but is certainly no deal breaker for me.

Overall, I give this stall the highest marks, and I would not hesitate to shit here again.

The Horror Dawns

The plumber stared into the soul of his beloved as the horror of her captivity began to fade away. The scent of singed hair wafted through the air as the hero leaned forward for his hero’s reward. However, with mustachioed lips moving slowly, slowly downward, the figure held so tightly began to tremble.

With a growing fear, the words he has heard six times before rose through the air. Tearfully, the faithful retainer, Toadstool, spoke. “Thank you, Mario, but our princess is in another castle.”