Goin’ Steady With Hitler

From the crew that brought you the hit series Local 187 comes a sparkling new comedy above love, life, and keepin’ it in your pants on penalty of the gas chamber! Goin’ Steady With Hitler is 2-1/2 Men meets the Third Reich! You don’t have to be a socialist or Aryan to fall in love with this cheeky new comedy coming Tuesday nights to ABC. Watch your favorite Führer in this concentration camp of laughs and all heil comedy!

How to Save a Failing Government

The year is 2011 and the United States government is collapsing. Universal Health Care turned out to be a terrible mistake and the list of corporate bailouts is all but endless. The President is spending less time fighting terror abroad and the bulk of his days attending the funerals of self-destructive congressmen who couldn’t stand to live after watching the plush and lucrative empires they had created for themselves crumble beneath their very feet.

In a desperate attempt to save the greatest nation in the history of all history, the Chief of State approached Three men hoping they could lift the fallen giant back to it once towering stature. These Three men were The Presidents of the United States of America. A witty alt-rock band in the 90’s, The Presidents of the United States of America accepted the monstrous challenge with great pride and the rest…is feather plucking insane!

Find out what WACKY situations these guys get our country in and out of starting this Fall on FOX!