FUJ Podcast 02 :: Rum Runner

In this installment of the FUJcast, Mike and Paul discuss J’s favorite drink, rum. Hear the inside scoop on J’s wedding, Paul’s addiction, and a few other things I can’t think of at the moment.


As a special bonus, here is the video Paul mentioned he accidentally played during J’s wedding.

4 Replies to “FUJ Podcast 02 :: Rum Runner”

  1. The Ballistic challenge included drinking for Explosions, anytime you said What?! to the plot… and that was christian rules, if you thought it, you said it.

    The wedding was awesome.. the drinking was incredible too.

    and it was me and you that bought the kilo, mike 🙂

    i miss you guys!

  2. Release the Kraken!

    I’ve thought a lot, hours, about your top 5 rum listing. Here’s my thoughts:

    5. Any rum. Mike, your first instinct was correct.
    4. Thailor. That’s right. I don’t actually drink it all that often. It’s fun to say and hey, it’s a good rum, but I’d have to place it at #4.
    3. Kraken. This is based off taste, not marketing. I love releasing the Kraken. Love it.
    2. Kilo. I love the stuff. I don’t know why I don’t drink it more. The only reason I can think of is that it wouldn’t last long enough. 🙂
    1. Captain Morgan. I can’t turn my back on my long time friend. Somewhere I probably have a picture of all the bottles Mike and I saved when we lived together. To not list Captain as #1 feels like betrayal, and I just can’t bring myself to twist that cap.

    I propose a rum night. A rum potluck, where everyone brings a different bottle of rum. It’s almost spring. We like rum. It’s a new kind of Rumspringa. Any takers?

    1. Sounds like a plan! Rum potluck and Minis! And Ben can just get pissed at us because we are too drunk to be taking it seriously.

      OH! Maybe somehow turn minis into a drinking game. OR we get a ton of people together to play and Ben is the monster master guy and everyone else gets 2-3 squads to fight against the beasties. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa every time you take damage you drink for every 10. And when you deal damage, you give out a drink for every 10 points of damage dealt.


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