We Know Nothing – Part 01

A man tapped me on the shoulder in the cookie and cracker aisle of the supermarket.

This is the beginning of the deconstruction of everything I know. Everything WE know. The deconstruction of EVERYTHING.

The man said his name was Thomas. His name wasn’t Thomas.

The man told me he was a Philosophical Scientist. I didn’t know what that meant but that didn’t matter because he wasn’t one.

Thomas explained that he didn’t know who I was but that it was important for me to come with him to his office a few blocks away. He assured me I wouldn’t be harmed. His frail frame convinced me this was true. He told me I needn’t be alarmed of any theft or foul-play. He simply needed to explain something that he couldn’t discuss in public.

I followed him.

I don’t know why I followed him.

Perhaps it was the sterile smell of his soft colored clothes that convinced me he really was a man of science. Maybe it was the way he spoke so vaguely succinct about this situation he felt so strongly about. Or maybe it was simply because I had nothing better to do.

Either way, I set down my basket of produce and milk in the middle of the aisle and I followed him out the sliding doors of the supermarket and into the auburn rays of the evening sun.

One important note: None of this actually happened.


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