Drunk Movie Reviews – Reptilian

Based on the success of the “Top 25 Greatest Films Ever” mini-series, we bring to you what everyone has been craving…episodic installments! This season is full of love, drama, laughs, and even a few tear jerkers. Hope you enjoy!

Join Mike as he drunkenly smashes his way through the cityscape of a movie called “Reptilian.” It’s good, it’s bad. No, it’s really just bad. Perhaps you could say the monster’s workout routine is “good.” But that’s about it.


A Shitty Review

I rate this bathroom stall a nearly perfect 96/100.  The walls are close, providing a good amount of privacy, yet not too confining or claustrophobic.  The muted black color of the walls help the bowels flow, and the toilet is the right depth to achieve that perfect “plop” sound.

If I have to give one complaint, it is that the seat was too warm from the previous occupant.  Some users might find this too uncomfortable, but is certainly no deal breaker for me.

Overall, I give this stall the highest marks, and I would not hesitate to shit here again.

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