30 – Power Couple Kevin

“1/2 is better than none.”
That’s what my Nana always said. And this week we have 1/2 of the Chicago power couple Ashley & Kevin.
Can you guess which half? Well, his name starts with Kevin, if that’s a big enough clue for ya.
We ketchup about whiskey, pineapples, and try out some Beaver Brand Honey Mustard Ketchup.30
Let’s Catsup!

Don’t forget to call in to the Squirt Line 419-7-SQUIRT.


Theme Song:
“Ketchup Time” by Isaac Goyem
Commercial music:
“Theme Song” Dradle of Filth
Provided by Debase Industries
Ketchup Kitchen Catchups
Ketchup Kitchen Catchups
30 - Power Couple Kevin

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