Hard Times of the Living Dead

Late Afternoon of the Living Dead Magazine has been hit with some legal and financial troubles, which has resulted in the June issue being printed in black and white. The magazine’s editor, Bruce Snyder, opens the magazine with an explanation and an apology to actor Ron Rotondo. Below is an excerpt.

Over the past 5 years (can you believe it?) we have striven to bring you fresh and interesting content surrounding a piece of art that clocks in at just 104 minutes. It has been a challenge, to say the least, to bring our dear readers new material each and every month. But when the majority of the film’s stars refuse to participate or cooperate with the OFFICIAL magazine, the challenge becomes downright depressing.

We made a mistake when ran a photograph of Ron Rotondo on our May cover. When it came to our attention that it was an unauthorized photo, we issued an official apology to Mr. Rotondo. Rather than letting it slide and embracing the magazine and its fans, Mr. Rotondo chose to sue us for every penny we had.

So again, we’re very sorry, Ron. We’re sorry we made a singular error over the past half  decade. We’re sorry we had to print this issue in black & white because it was all we could afford. We’re sorry that our top story is about Chris Hutson’s fucking SOCK, because you and everyone else in the cast don’t give a SHIT about the gem of the movie you made and you don’t want anything to do with us, the people who care about you. We’re sorry. And we hope you enjoy your trip to Key West on our dime.


The full article can be read in your imagination.

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