Podcast on the Edge of Forever – Episode 3: An Hour (and a half) with Don Thacker!

Welcome to Episode 3 of this here Star Trek podcast called Podcast on the Edge of Forever! On tonight’s episode, Paul and Dawn sit down with film director, mega Star Trek nerd and all-around cool dude Don Thacker.

Don’s new feature length film, Motivational Growth, stars Trek legend Jeffrey Combs as a sentient, talking mold growing on a bathroom floor. Yes, you read that right, but feel free to read it again.

Don chats with the gang about Voyager’s merits and flaws, getting to work with Jeffrey Combs, and who would win in a space fight between all of the Starfleet ships. Don loves him some Star Trek, and it shows. Pretty epic stuff, so make sure you check it out. It’s a long episode, so if you need to split it up into two or three listening segments… hey… make it so.

Peace and long life!




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