Podcast on the Edge of Forever – Episode 4

Hello again, Trekkers! Welcome to another episode of Podcast on the Edge of Forever. On this installment, Dawn and Paul are once again joined by their pal Matt, who Paul decides is now the “Kramer” of the group.

This episode’s topics include: A brief discussion of the upcoming film ” Star Trek Into Darkness”, sexism and progress on The Original Series, and a very serious debate- Which Enterprise is your favorite and why?

For the Enterprise debate, we’ve included a handy follow-along guide, featuring pics of every Enterprise ship, as well as a video featuring all of them. Have a listen, have a look and then tell us- What’s YOUR favorite Enterprise? Leave a comment down below!


NX-01 (Click to make bigger!)




NCC-1701 A


NCC-1701 B


NCC-1701 C


NCC-1701 D


NCC-1701 E


NCC-1701 J


NCC-1701 (Alternate timeline)

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