The Graveyard Podcast – Episode 8

Freeze, punks! Drop the mouse and listen to The Graveyard Podcast!

On this episode, seasoned actors Thomas A. Jackson and Artemio Gonzalez talk about their roles as police detectives in The Graveyard Menace. The partners chat with Paul about their on-set chemistry, preparing for a role, and the differences between acting for film and theater. Artemio also tells a great story about the unlikely beginnings of his career, while Tom chats about working with fellow Menace cast member Heather Dorff.

Two great guys, one fun podcast. Check it out.

Photo credits: K.R. Brooks

FUJcast 08 :: Christmas with J!














Ho Ho Ho! Merrrrrry Christmas, J!

Welcome to our Christmas episode of FUJcast, where we discuss the holiday season and what it might be like for J. Also, get ready for a very special Christmas gift from Mike at the end of the show. Happy Holidays!


The Graveyard Podcast – Episode 7

Happy Holidays, Menace fans!

On our final episode of 2012, Paul sits down for a chat with Rick James (No, not THAT Rick James), who is making his acting debut in The Graveyard Menace. Rick talks about being part of the cast AND the crew, accidentally hitting on his sister, and the unusual situation that lead to him being cast in the film.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2013 is the year of The Menace!


The Graveyard Podcast – Episode 6

Actress Joanna Ortiz sits down with director Paul Brooks to chat about her role as Sheena Johnston in The Graveyard Menace.

Sheena is one of the central characters in the film, and Joanna talks at length about Sheena’s personality and how she felt drawn to the role. She also discusses her modeling career and what’s in store for her in the future. Enjoy the show!


The Graveyard Podcast – Episode 5

Ever wonder what it’s like to make a movie? Find out on this episode of The Graveyard Podcast! Paul sits down (in a mini-van, no less) to chat with three of his actors about the ups and downs of film making.

Chase Cavalera, Antonio de la Cruz and Patrick Houston discuss their characters, their favorite scenes, and Patrick’s love life. So hop in the mini-van and enjoy the ride!