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Actor Kari Irwin is profiled in the April issue of Late Afternoon of the Living Dead Magazine. Here are some excerpts from her interview.

Kari, you played a zombie in the Midwest Killaz music video for End of the Road, which is on the Late Afternoon DVD. Tell us about how you got involved in the project and what it was like making the video.

I had the good fortune of meeting one of the filmmakers, Paul Brooks, at a vegan potluck a few months before.  Amongst the vibrant people in the group, Paul was certainly the only one filming zombie movies and rapping in bands like Midwest Killaz.  My friend Lauren and I were super excited to participate in Paul’s project because it meant we got to spend an entire day dressed like zombies, which, obviously, was the one thing missing in our lives until that point.  It took awhile to get the zombie leg-drag right, but the directors were patient with us and it was really fun.  Afterwards we went in full make-up and costume to Noodles and Company and pretended we didn’t know we were covered in fake blood and prosthetic wounds.

That’s awesome! You mentioned your friend Lauren Nelson- There’s an easter egg on the DVD of you and her doing The Electric Slide. Was that something you were trying to work into the music video or did you just feel like dancing?

Being a zombie sets you free.

This is true. Several characters from Late Afternoon of the Living Dead also appear in the music video. But it’s a little confusing because you have Bob and Shelton in there, fighting zombies with Lester Brody. So it’s like… are the events of the music video intended to be part of the movie’s timeline or are they completely separate?

At the time of the music video filming, I wasn’t really sure if the events were connected or where the Midwest Killaz really fit in.  After seeing the film premiere in Normal, Illinois, I have come to the conclusion that they are separate, though the connection could be deep and elusive and beyond me.

At the end of the music video, you get impaled by a flying drum stick. Were you happy with your death scene?

At first, I had hopes of being strangled by Jason’s feather boa, but being impaled by a drumstick was the next best thing.

Since End of the Road, you have been involved in some interesting film and television projects. Can you tell us about some of them?

After End of the Road, I was an extra in three Bollywood films in Mumbai (Un Hazaroon Ke Naam, Pyaar Impossible, My Name is Khan), a few commercials for Indian television, and I guest-starred for over 25 episodes in an Indian television sitcom called Taarak Mehta Kaa Ooltah Chashmah.  The show is the highest rated sitcom in India, so I had a small degree of celebrity in that country before I came back to the United States.  I just received an offer for a new television drama, so I’m currently deciding if it is something I’d return to Mumbai for right now.  I’m not a huge fan of television dramas – I’d be much more eager to move across the world if it were for Bollywood zombie film.  Maybe there’s a market for that… whatcha think, guys?


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